A message from Porter Stansberry:


Dear Reader,

I never thought I'd say this...

But I don't want you to join The Big Secret on Wall Street. 

In fact, in this short letter I'm going to do my utmost to convince you NOT to join my flagship advisory. 


As you'll see, there are a couple of reasons. 

But what you really need to know right now is that a rare window of opportunity is about to open in the financial markets... 

It has only happened twice. 

2008 and 2015. Since then, nothing... 

Now, it’s about to happen again. An economic hurricane is coming and for investors who are not prepared, it will be carnage. 

However, just like in 2008 and 2015, for those who are ready, it could be the wealth-building opportunity of the decade.  

Let me explain: 

Over the last week, my team and I released a private 6-part series to our paying members. 

It was called, The Great Wealth Transfer and we exposed how the $10 trillion corporate debt bubble is facing an inevitable implosion… 

… and how this collapse could trigger what we are calling “the greatest legal transfer of wealth in history.” 

A rare window of opportunity that could give you the potential to bank returns of 96%, 97%, 129%, even 700% or more, with comparatively limited risk. 

Not through equities, however. 

But through bonds – particularly distressed, high-yield bonds. 

Although many of you reading this will run for the hills at the very idea of investing in bonds (let alone distressed bonds), it’s my belief that while you can lead a happy life without ever buying a bond… 

I do not believe you will ever get, or remain, wealthy without bonds being a core part of your investment portfolio. 

You see, what most investors don’t know is bonds have several distinct advantages for accelerating and amplifying your investment returns compared to other assets.  

The goal of The Great Wealth Transfer series was to bring you around to my way of thinking. 

To share my love of distressed bonds with you and, hopefully, to convince you of their superior wealth-building potential. 

As I’ve said before, I believe most investors would be far wealthier, and far less worried if they only invested in bonds. 

Still, I know the vast majority of my readers will refuse to listen to me on this topic – no matter how I beg and plead. Alas, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. 

So here’s my promise to you: if you are brave enough to join me on this journey, it could be the lowest-risk, highest-return investing experience of your life. 

I’m talking about the potential for you to earn double-digit annual yields with double, even triple digit capital gains on top... all with far less risk than stocks. 


Tell me, where else is that possible? 

(Especially during the coming recession when many investors will see their stock, crypto, and real estate portfolios decimated.)

It only exists in the distressed debt market. 

And even then, it only exists during specific moments in time. 

Glitches in the matrix where market inefficiencies give you the chance to lock in annual yields of 10%, 15%, even 20% or more...  

Plus potential capital gains of 100%+, paid out on a specific, pre-set date you can set your calendar to.   

Don’t get me wrong… 

Not all distressed bonds will deliver results like this. 

In fact, most are toxic and should be avoided at all costs. 

However, if you can identify the right bonds, buy them at the right time, and at the right price… you have the potential to not only protect your wealth from the next market crash, but grow it too.

And to help you safely navigate these waters, we’ve hired Wall Street’s foremost expert on distressed debt.

A man who has been called...

“a living legend of finance”... “the most well-known figure in the high-yield world” and “a hybrid of Stephen Hawking and Studs Terkel."

After decades working for Wall Street firms like Salomon Brothers, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch; consulting for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors; and serving institutional clients… 

He has joined Porter & Co. to help you get on the right side of the greatest legal transfer of wealth in history… 

Because he knows that when this “Perfect Window of Opportunity” opens (see Issue III here)… bond investors can make a killing with strictly limited risk.  

In fact, the last time the setup was this perfect for distressed debt investing, it was in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crash. 

While the global economy was reeling and investors were suffering catastrophic losses in their stock and real estate portfolios, my team and I were on a shopping spree… 

During that period we recommended 50 different distressed bond investments, 40 of which were profitable. 

An 80% win rate… during one of the worst economic environments ever. And these were big winners. I’m talking double digit yields and capital gains like:  

  • 96% on First Industrial 
  • ​772% on Rite Aid Convertible 
  • ​70% on LifePoint 
  • ​75% on Ferro Corporation 
  • ​97% on First Industrial
  • ​48% on Freescale Semiconductor
  • ​52% on International Lease Finance 
  • ​129% on Western Refining 
  • ​67% on NextEra 
  • ​55% on Global Industries 
  • ​72% on Sears 
  • ​+54% on Janus Capital 
  • ​43% on Lucent

The average gain – including winners and losers – was 38%. 

The largest winner was a staggering 772% over about five years. 

(And remember, this was during a period when the S&P 500 was down by as much as -48%.) 

Then, the bond market entered a lull. As the global economy recovered and rebalanced, the market inefficiencies to exploit were few and far between. 

So we moved our capital to markets with greater upside and we waited. Because we knew the debt cycle would repeat and eventually another glitch in the matrix would appear. 

That came in 2015 with the recession the New York Times called “the least-noticed economic event of the decade.”

Although this recession was cut short by the Federal Reserve before the contagion could spread… it still triggered a distortion in the bond market. 

During this period, we saw 10 of our recommended corporate bonds trade below our buy-up-to prices – all 10 of these investments rose substantially, for a 100% win rate. 

The simple average return was 24.4%. That's more money than most people make in stocks during a bull market!

The annualized return of these 10 investment recommendations was almost 40%, compared with a return of about 13% in the S&P 500 on a comparative, annualized basis.

Even when this window of opportunity closed – and it was the wrong time to own bonds – my team still delivered outstanding annualized returns.

In fact, a recent audit of my team’s distressed bond positions over the five years (again, an awful time to own bonds) showed an 82% win rate with annualized returns of 18%. 

That’s almost on par with Buffett’s 20% annualized returns.

(Sure, it’s not the 1,000% overnight windfall some schmucks online promise they can make you, but I like to live in reality, not fantasy… and I’ll take Buffett-level returns any day of the week.)

  • 38% on Pitney Bowes
  • ​26% on Wyndham Destinations 
  • ​28% on Hecla Mining
  • ​31% on Iconix 
  • ​19% on Las Vegas Sands 
  • ​21% on Community Health 
  • ​99% on NRP 
  • ​23% on Coeur Mining 
  • ​15% on Baker Hughes

What’s more, to achieve this incredible return you didn’t need to bet the farm… it was done with far less risk than equities. 

No leverage, no shorting, no options, no speculative gambles – just simple, “boring” bonds. 

I know it sounds too good to be true… 

That’s the beauty of these market inefficiencies, though – these rare windows of opportunity – they open up distortions which don’t usually exist…

But when they do open – typically for just 12-48 months – the potential for building life-changing wealth is there for the taking… you just need to act decisively. 


As I’ve written about at great length, my team and I believe the single greatest distressed debt investment opportunity of all time is imminent. 

And while our past success cannot guarantee results, this year we believe an even greater window of opportunity will open.

Our analysis shows the U.S. corporate bond market is facing an unavoidable wave of downgrades and defaults.  

When this occurs, which could happen any day now, it will send shockwaves ricocheting throughout the global economy. 

This is the event we’re calling the greatest legal transfer of wealth in history. 
And while we can’t predict exactly when it will happen, our research shows us it is unavoidable and could happen at any moment.  

That’s because the economy is on the precipice of a debt crisis unlike any that’s ever happened before. 

Because of soaring inflation, the world’s central banks can no longer deliver the stability that markets have gotten used to. 

The economy now faces a complete reset of interest rates, sovereign debt loads, and corporate debt loads without the “cushion” of central bank largesse to soften the collapse. 

And while that opens the door to a potential market meltdown, it also means a tremendous amount of money will be changing hands.

It is inescapable that in the face of these headwinds… hundreds of billions of dollars worth of bonds will be downgraded to non-investment.

From 2007 through 2021, the amount of triple-B debt outstanding in the U.S. surged from roughly $700 billion, to a record high of over $3 trillion today.

This explosion in issuance made triple-B debt the single biggest segment of the corporate bond market, which is now a record 58% of the investment grade universe:

Meanwhile, the quality of investment grade bonds deteriorated as ratings agencies over the past decade became laxer in providing their stamp of approval. 

The chart below shows how the leverage ratios of the investment grade debt universe roughly doubled from 1.5 times in 2007 to 3 times today:

The explosive growth, and deteriorating quality, of the “investment grade” bond universe will play a major role in the coming corporate debt crisis. 

Many of today’s investment grade bonds will be downgraded into non-investment status.

The result of this bubble popping will be stunning losses across the entire investment horizon – unlike anything ever seen before in the market for corporate debt… 

However, the carnage as the corporate debt bubble unwinds could unleash incredible investment opportunities… for investors who understand how to invest with bonds with relative safety. 

We’re talking opportunities on par with those that came out of the 2008 financial crisis, when high-quality stocks were crushed along with everything else. 

And there are fortunes to be made by those who can separate the wheat from the chaff. 

As we detailed in Issue III, Wall Street will “throw the baby out with the bath water.”

Many high-quality bonds will plunge to levels far below any reasonable estimate of fair value… 

… and you’ll have the chance to invest in solid, high-quality businesses with healthy balance sheets at fire sale prices. 

I’m talking about the opportunity to buy high-quality bonds, backed by proven assets, at fire sale prices of 50, 40, even 20 cents on the dollar.

Investors who can identify these mispriced bonds will have the chance to lock in dozens of windfall opportunities with huge wealth-building potential . 

As Howard Marks, one of the most successful bond investors ever, says, this is “our time” and “great bargains” are coming.

The Financial Times reports that Marks is preparing his $164 billion Oaktree fund to capitalize on this distressed debt bonanza. 

He’s not alone, The Economist writes. Fund managers are preparing to pounce:  

“After a decade of unpleasantly benign financial conditions, excitement is building. 

A toxic cocktail of rising interest rates, slowing growth and high inflation is already creating pockets of distress.”

By identifying the mispriced bonds – bonds that have been “thrown out with the bath water” – high-quality businesses backed by real assets with solid cash reserves… 

You have the potential to bank double digit annual yields… along with triple-digit capital gains… often with far less risk than equities. 

And unlike stocks, you don’t have to continually monitor the prices or worry about what’s going on in the economy… instead you simply buy a position and walk away. 

Because you know your investment is legally obligated to pay you – on schedule. Come hell or high water. 

To be clear, this isn’t like a dividend – which the CEO can decide to stop paying. It’s a legally-obligated interest payment. 

And the only way they can get out of paying you back is if the company goes bankrupt… and even then you’re unlikely to lose everything.

You see, as the bond holder, you’re above equity holders on the food chain. So in the case of bankruptcy, the courts will strip the company bare to pay you – the debt holder –back. 

On average, roughly 40 cents on the dollar is paid to bondholders in the event of bankruptcy (although with many distressed debt plays this could be lower.)

All of this is why, for years, I have been preaching to my readers that bonds are far more effective than stocks when it comes to safely building long-term wealth. 

As I wrote back in 2013:

“If you do this, I promise, you’ll buy far fewer stocks. You’ll make a lot more money as an investor. You’ll take dramatically fewer risks. And you’ll produce way more income.”


The problem is…

And I don’t mean this to be insulting… 

You can’t do this alone. I’m telling you right now, if you attempt to navigate the distressed bond markets by yourself, you will get wiped out. 

Although investing in these assets is technically easy – it takes just a few clicks inside your online broker account – it’s not like stocks where anyone with a basic understanding of capital markets can get involved. 

The corporate bond market is an insanely complex asset class with 100+ page debenture contracts, convoluted financial structures, and murky legal waters.

To accurately analyze and understand these investments you need highly-trained lawyers and bond specialists to wade through the Byzantine complexities of the opportunity. 

Remember: when investing in corporate bonds only one thing matters… does the company have the cash flow and reserves to meet its debt obligations over the next several years. 

To calculate this you need a thorough deep dive into the company’s balance sheet, the macroeconomic environment, the structure of the debt, and dozens of other factors. 

As Mohamed El-Erian the Chief Economic Advisor at Allianz, says:

“The bond market is like a labyrinth. You can get lost in it, and even when you think you've figured it out, you can still get blindsided by unexpected developments." 

This stops most investors from ever investing in distressed bonds, despite their obvious upside potential. It’s just not feasible for the average person. 

Hell, even for most financial professionals it’s not feasible. 

So they’re forced to ignore what is without a doubt the highest upside and lowest risk asset class - a way to massively amplify your wealth-building potential. 

But that ends now…


Over the last several months we have been assembling a team of world-class corporate bond experts. 

Financial experts with the knowledge, skill, and experience required to crack the impenetrable distressed debt market wide open. 

We are investing millions of dollars into this effort to make sure that you, dear reader, are on the right side of the greatest legal transfer of wealth. 

In Issue II of The Great Wealth Transfer, we introduced you to the team we’re building… and I challenge anyone, even some of the top Wall Street hedge funds, to go head to head against our roster. 

That’s because the director of our distressed debt advisory is none other than “the dean of high-yield debt” Martin Fridson.   

Called a “living legend” by The Museum of American Finance, Martin is the world’s leading expert on distressed debt. 

At just 31 years old he was appointed Managing Director at Merrill Lynch – the youngest person ever at the time – where he was integral in developing their distressed debt analysis and investment. 

(Methods that went on to become mainstream across the entire industry.)

After his tenure at Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, he went on to build Fridson Investment Advisors, a firm providing institutional investors with research and analysis on high yield bonds. 

Nobody – and I mean, nobody – has more experience than Martin Fridson at identifying and profiting from these mispriced bonds. 

For decades he has been the go-to “debt guy” for major Wall Street firms with The New York Times calling him “one of Wall Street's most thoughtful and perceptive analysts.” 

He has served as president of the Fixed Income Analysts Society, governor of the CFA Institute, and director of the New York Society of Security Analysts.  

And for nine consecutive years The Institutional Investor All-America research survey ranked Martin Fridson number one in his category.

Now, Martin and his team of analysts have joined Porter & Co. to help you profit from the coming debt default cycle – a cycle that is shaping up to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Together, our team, including Martin and me (Porter), will take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step through the world of distressed investing.

Using our proprietary analytical process we will identify the diamonds in the rough – companies whose bonds have been grossly mispriced that you can buy for pennies on the dollar. 

The goal: to safely invest in these distressed bonds for double-digit annual yields along with double, sometimes even triple-digit capital gains on top. 

The Great Wealth Transfer series covered a lot of ground over the last week, but we have barely scratched the surface of the bond markets and the coming default cycle. 

That’s why I want to send you a copy of Porter & Co.’s new report: 


Your complete guide to distressed investing

Inside, Martin and his team will detail why we believe this could be the greatest bond-buying opportunity of our lifetime… 

... the chance to safely build real, lasting wealth. 

Written in plain English, it’s an easy-to-read guide that will show you how to navigate the distressed debt markets to find mispriced bonds with huge upside potential.

In the past, Martin’s distressed debt research and analysis was only available to banks, hedge funds, and other Wall Street institutions… 

But now he’s bringing his decades of experience in the bond market to Porter & Co. to help you – the self-directed investor – profit from one of the most powerful financial vehicles in existence

And to get you started, Martin and his team are also going to send you two additional investor reports…

Inside each of these briefings you will get the details of a distressed investment opportunity that could potentially deliver huge returns in the months and years ahead. 

The first ​​company is a distressed software firm. 

A pioneer in their field – with clients including Amazon, Walmart, Toyota, and hundreds of other Fortune 500s – they are trading at a valuation not seen since 2008.

Dragged down by the broader decline in the NASDAQ, this firm has been wrongly lumped in with the other bloated, overvalued tech companies. 

Wall Street has incorrectly analyzed the company, however.

It is actively growing revenues and free cash flow, and has built a “moat” that protects it from competition. 

The second company is a cash-rich, debt-free financial firm specializing in restructuring soon-to-be-bankrupt companies. 

In today's debt-crushed environment, there's no better business to be in. 

Many companies will struggle to survive in the new world of high-interest rates and slow economic growth… giving this firm a perfect window of opportunity to thrive. 

Founded in 1972 it has a multi-decade track record – and was named the #1 investment bank in its class for the last 10 years in a row. 

You will find full and thorough analysis of each opportunity inside each briefing – along with clear, straight-forward instructions on how to purchase these distressed assets. 



Both of these investor briefings will be released exclusively to members of Porter & Co. Distressed Investing – our newest research advisory. 

This is our premium advisory dedicated to helping you safely grow your wealth through distressed, high-yield bonds. 

Along with property and casualty insurance, distressed debt is my favorite way to invest – an approach I’ve always said I wish more of my readers would follow. 

And with Martin Fridson – a living legend in the world of distressed debt – helping me steer the ship I believe Porter & Co. Distressed Investing could be my lowest-risk, highest-return advisory ever.  

There is a catch to this, however…

You’ve got to follow our instructions. 

If you're the kind of person who decides to only buy the riskiest bond we recommend all year – and if you put 25% of your portfolio into it or something crazy like that – don't blame me when you lose money. 

That's not what we’re recommending. If your intention is to destroy yourself, let me save you some time: you can find a way to do it with bonds.

However, if you are willing to listen to our advice, then Porter & Co. Distressed Investing will give you everything you need to make sure you are on the right side of the greatest legal transfer of wealth in history.

Along with the investor briefings I’ve already told you about, you will also get ongoing research and recommendations from Martin and his team. 

Every month, Martin and team will release a new report detailing at least one (but often several) distressed debt opportunities for you to consider. 

Each of these recommendations will have been meticulously vetted by our team to ensure the maximum upside potential with minimal risk.  

In each report you will get a full, detailed write-up of the recommendation, along with a breakdown of the risk, the potential reward, the annual yield, and more. 

Each recommendation will also be tracked in our model portfolio, along with ongoing updates and analysis on each open position. 

Over this coming debt default cycle we expect to deliver dozens of high-yielding opportunities (yields of 10% or more)... plus double- and even triple-digit returns. 

And there has never been a better time to get started… 

As we’ve discussed, the impending implosion of the $10 trillion corporate bond market is due this year. 

When it happens, we will be awash with many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to invest in high-quality bonds that have been mispriced. 

I believe we’re looking at a similar, if not better, setup than 2008 when my team and I delivered annualized returns of 38% to our readers.

Of course, I can’t guarantee it. There are no sure things in investing. And if you’re not willing to accept this risk, then I’m sorry, but Porter & Co. Distressed Investing isn’t for you. 

But with the team I have assembled to prepare for this cycle… I am confident our returns can far exceed anything I’ve ever delivered before.  

Not only will there be more opportunities with better return potential, but Martin and his team have also developed a way to further amplify your results

We’ll do this by not only investing in the bonds, but in the equity itself. 

This isn’t something we’ll do for every recommendation. The risk is too high. However, when we identify distressed stocks trading at massive discounts – we will consider investing in the stock too.  

To be clear: these recommendations will not enjoy the same rights as bond holders – they are riskier. If we’re wrong and the company does not survive, chances are your position will be wiped out. 

However, if our analysis is right – and we’ll only ever recommend one of these plays when we’re as certain as we can be – the upside potential is exceptional. 

Think of these opportunities like using options to amplify the returns of stock you hold – yes, you’re increasing the risk but also the potential returns. 

As I say, we won’t often recommend these distressed equities due to the heightened risk but when we see the odds heavily on our side, we will issue an additional stock recommendation. 

Whether you choose to invest in the equity or not is completely up to you. It is 100% optional. If you prefer the safer option, you can invest in the bonds only. 

Now, given the potential returns up for grabs during the greatest legal transfer of wealth and all the benefits of investing in distressed debt, you’re probably itching to join us...     


Membership to Porter & Co. Distressed Investing is not for sale. 

Not for any price. And I doubt it ever will be. 

However, as weird as that sounds, let me explain why you’ll thank me for this decision (and why I believe it will make you a lot more money in the year ahead)…  

I’ve been in the financial research business for over 25 years. 

And when launching Porter & Co. in 2022, I wanted to take the best (and worst) of what I’d learned taking my last firm, Stansberry Research, from my kitchen table to a $3 billion IPO. 

One thing I discovered from conversations with countless subscribers is that our “Alliance” offer was the most valuable. 

(This was the $30,000+ all-access pass to every research service that we offered at Stansberry, more than 30 at last count). 

However, what surprised me is that despite the number and variety of services available, our most successful subscribers only ever used a handful of them.

They ignored everything else and religiously trusted a handful of services to help them earn the greatest returns with the least amount of risk.  

What’s more, they often combined these services to create a robust, all-weather wealth-building portfolio. 

In other words, I realized perhaps 80%+ of the services we released were not best serving our readers’ long-term interests.  

And while I’m proud of each advisory we pioneered at Stansberry Research, the fact is, many were a waste of time. 

Our subscribers would’ve been served better with just a handful of our top-performing publications. 

Yet, the business model demanded we continue to promote and sell these services, even when it was clear our subscribers could do without them.

That’s why, at Porter & Co., we made the radical decision to not sell any of our research advisory individually or annually.
(The exception to this is our flagship advisory The Big Secret on Wall Street). 

We wanted to eliminate the annual fees… eradicate the incessant marketing and “product launches”… and cut your costs to access our work. 

We also decided we would only have a handful of core advisories – the ones we believe to be essential for building permanent wealth in any market. 

Advisories operated by the best in the business, analysts who are at the top of the food chain and whose work is not available anywhere else. 

In short: we wanted to redesign the financial publishing model from the ground up to better serve you and to help you make more money with less effort. 


I don’t have to tell you… 

Operating Porter & Co. on these principles puts far less money in my pocket. It would make more “business sense” to stick to the old ways. 

However, after building what is arguably the most successful financial publishing firm in history, I don’t care. 

Porter & Co. is the business I’ve always wanted to build. 

A small, intimate firm where I get to work with a handpicked group of experts – the dream team of financial legends I want in my corner. 

Together we work from a converted tractor barn on my 100-acre farm in the countryside of Maryland. 

Nobody gets to tell me what I can and can’t write… and I don’t have to meet any demands for growth. We have zero meetings. No HR department. No shackles holding us back. 

We just work together, all sitting next to each other in the hay loft, to deliver the world’s best independent financial research and recommendations. 

And today I want to invite you to be a partner in this new venture with me.  


This is your official invitation to join the inner circle of Porter & Co. 

It’s your chance to get everything we’ll ever offer… every new service, every recommendation, every research report, every annual event… everything

Not for a year, but for life.

That includes the brand-new distressed debt advisory you’ve learned about today – The Porter & Co. Distressed Investing. 

And as I explained above, because at Porter & Co. we’re doing things differently in order to better serve you… 

Joining our Partner Pass is the ONLY way to get access to these new services. They are not for sale anywhere else, at any price.

Right now, our Partner Pass includes only two services: 

Permanent access to both The Big Secret on Wall Street and Porter & Co. Distressed Investing

However, we will be adding several new advisories to our company in the years ahead. 

Although we don’t have the final details on all of these services yet, what we do know for certain is that our product suite will grow to include advisories for: 

Biotech Investing –to go for huge potential long-term returns of 1,000% or more – like I did with Regeneron, currently up 4,939%

Property and Casualty Insurance – to build recession-proof wealth with what I call the “perfect investment”, like we’ve done with W.R. Berkeley (+372%), Travelers (+208%), and American Financial (+437%).

Deep Value Investing – to help you find “forever stocks” like Hersheys (+573% since I recommended it), Microsoft (+843%), American Express (+200%), McDonalds (+246%) 

We’re also developing services for commodity investing, risk-reduced options trading, and potentially several other services…. and you can get access to all of them for life. 

That's right, for as long as we operate these services you will have ongoing access. 

Here’s how it works: 

As a Partner Pass member you will get permanent access to not only The Big Secret on Wall Street but to every other service we ever offer at Porter & Co. 

Starting with our newest advisory – Porter & Co. Distressed Investing.

Given this new service alone would have a retail value of $5,000 per year, if I were to ever sell it publicly… 

And given the fact you are getting permanent access to this advisory… plus The Big Secret on Wall Street… and every other service we ever launch… 

I think you would agree that we could easily charge $30,000 or more for this Partner Pass membership and it would be the deal of a lifetime. 

And to be clear, over time as we add more advisories, the investment to upgrade to Partner Pass will be at least $30,000. 

However, right now, as the Porter & Co. Partner Pass only has two services, we’re giving you the opportunity to join for a fraction of the cost others will pay in the future.  

Currently the retail price of our Partner Pass is $10,000. 

While this is not an insignificant amount of money, it’s a fraction of what the Partner Pass is worth. 

Just consider that The Big Secret on Wall Street costs $1,000 per year and the Porter & Co. Distressed Investing has a retail value of $5,000 per year. 

That’s $6,000 per year… $30,000 over the next five years... $60,000 over the next decade... but you have the opportunity to get these services forever. 

That's right, for as long as we operate these services you will have ongoing access – with zero annual renewal fees. 

Plus every other advisory we develop in the years ahead. 

So while $10,000 may seem like a lot, it’s actually a drop in the ocean compared to the value of this permanent membership to Porter & Co.  

And that’s why we will be raising the price soon. This will be the third time we’ve raised the cost of our Partner Pass membership – and it won’t be the last. 

In fact, the investment will increase by several thousand dollars with every new advisory we add to our product suite. In other words, this is the lowest price you’ll ever see.

However, you won’t need to invest $10,000 if you join today… 

To celebrate the launch of our new distressed debt advisory, we’re extending you a special invitation. 

If you join our Partner Pass today, you won’t need to invest $10,000 to join, because we are giving you a huge 25% discount. 

That’s right, instead of $10,000 to upgrade to the Porter & Co. Partner Pass, you’ll pay just $7,500. 

For permanent access to everything Porter & Co. offers.

Every new advisory, research report, recommendation, and service.  

To accept this special offer, all you’ve got to do is complete the form below. Or, if you prefer, you can call my team at 1-888-610-8895 between 9 am to 5 pm EST. 

For just $7,500 you will get permanent ongoing access to everything we produce at Porter & Co.... 

Including our new distressed debt advisory for capitalizing on the greatest legal transfer of wealth in history. 

For life. 

No annual renewal fees.

No new product purchases. 

All you’ll ever pay is a small annual maintenance fee of $299.

Without this fee, we'd never be able to make such an offer. But that’s all you’ll ever pay to get access to everything we publish now and in the future…

To get started, all you’ve got to do is click here. 

Remember, we do not sell individual or annual access to any premium advisory, so the only way to get our highest level (and most profitable) work is as a Partner Pass member.  

It’s not just our research advisories you’ll benefit from as a Partner Pass member, however. There are several other bonuses waiting for you inside… 

First, as a Partner Pass member you’ll get first dibs on the seats at our annual conference. 

These private meet-ups – exclusively for the Porter & Co. family – will be hosted on my Maryland farm each year. 

I’ll hand select a number of experts to give private presentations to our members – talks, ideas, and recommendations you won’t hear anywhere else. 

Food, drink, & entertainment will all be provided and after the presentations, we will all hang out together. 

As Porter & Co. continues to grow, these tickets will be in high demand… but as one of our Partners you’ll always be first in line for access. 

Plus, when you’re at the event, you will get preferential treatment including VIP seating, VIP access, and the VIP experience. 

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Secondly, you will benefit from our Legacy Clause..

We want to give you the opportunity to pass on all these Partner Pass benefits to future generations of your family. 

I know how important this can be from my own life. You see, it was my dad’s experience investing in Coca-Cola that showed me the wealth-building power of investing. 

I saw first-hand how anyone, even a relatively low-level employee like my dad, could grow wealthy buying high-quality stocks over the long-term.

I took that knowledge and ran with it, devoting my life to not only become obnoxiously rich, but to help others do the same with sound, long-term investments. 

My goal with this Legacy Clause is to help you leave a legacy for the future generations of your family.  

So even after you’re finished with our work, the next generation of your family can benefit from our research and recommendations.   

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Permanent Access to Porter & Co. Distressed Investing 
($5,000 per year retail)

This is our new advisory (launched on March 1st) that will help you profit from the coming default cycle in U.S. corporate debt.  

Martin Fridson will take you by the hand and help you safely invest in distressed bonds for double-digit annual yields along with double, sometimes even triple digit capital gains on top. 

You’ll get instant access to our new report – THE GREATEST LEGAL TRANSFER OF WEALTH: Your complete guide to distressed investing. 

Plus two brand-new briefings detailing our first distressed equity plays for capitalizing on the coming debt default cycle. 

Then on the 8th of month, you’ll get a new research report from Martin and his team that will detail at least one new distressed opportunity.  

Permanent Access to The Big Secret on Wall Street
($1,000 per year retail)

This is our flagship advisory where we will go for market-beating returns with the most important yet overlooked opportunities in the markets.

I was early in recommending stocks like Nvidia (+1,048%), Illumina (+6,806%), Apple (+896%), Regeneron (+4,939%), along with many others.  

And it’s big, long-term investments like this we will hunt for inside The Big Secret on Wall Street.  

Permanent Access to Every New Porter & Co. Advisory

Over the next several years we will be launching a number of new advisories at Porter & Co. 

We have plans for biotech investing, property & casualty insurance, options trading, deep value investing, commodities, and more. 

Each of these advisories will be run by legends of the financial markets, people with outstanding records over multiple decades and impeachable reputations. 

They will NOT be offered to any outsiders, at any price, although we could easily charge $5,000 per year. I repeat, these advisories will ONLY be available to Porter & Co. Partner Pass members. 

The Lowest Price You'll Ever See – $2,500 Discount 

Join now and you will lock-in permanent access to everything at the lowest price you’ll ever see.

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So it’s really a question of whether you want to upgrade now for the lowest price you’ll ever see… or in the future when it costs at least several thousand dollars extra.

I hope to see you inside. 


Porter Stansberry

To get started, simply fill out the form below:

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Since adding Distressed Investing to our Partner Pass membership, the price to upgrade has already increased by an additional $500. 

The next price hike will come with the launch of our next product – The Porter & Co. Digest. The price to upgrade to Partner Pass at this point will increase by anywhere from $500 to $2,000. 

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Porter & Co. is the world’s pre-eminent investment research firm.

We invest millions of dollars to bring our readers the best financial research and investing opportunities in the market. 

Our team includes Wall Street legends, former fund managers, and Fortune 100 consultants, all of whom are dedicated to producing the most valuable research available anywhere, at any price.

Membership in Porter & Co. provides a private concierge, access to our investor events, ongoing updates to our portfolio, bi-weekly research reports, and an array of evolving VIP perks.

And while we do protect your investment to The Partner Pass with a 30-day money back guarantee, we have a 10% refund charge, which is necessary to protect our intellectual property.

If you think Porter & Co.'s Partner Pass is right for you and you accept these terms, we’d be thrilled for you to join us. 

If you’re unsure, talk to your financial advisor. Heck, have them give us a call. Because we are confident that the value of our research and the services we provide will speak for themselves.

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“I'm very happy to see that Porter is back on the scene. 

I've missed his writings and quality of his work. I’m happy to now have a lifetime membership with Porter & Co and look forward to Porter’s leadership and future writings!” 

 -C. Borden, Trussville, Alabama

Amazon At ~$2 Per Share

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He has a way of being ahead of the crowd with his thinking on all things financial. And has a style of writing that makes boring information quite enjoyable to read.” 

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Don't Miss this One

"Porter’s writing is incredibly detailed yet amazingly understandable. Not an easy feat at all. I always enjoyed his essays at Stansberry and missed him so much... So when I saw him back with Porter & Co, I had to jump in." 

 - P. Van Horn Florida

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Legal Notices: Here is our Disclosures and Details page. DISCLOSURES ABOUT OUR BUSINESS contains critical information that will help you use our work appropriately and give you a far better understanding of how our business works - both the benefits it might offer you and the inevitable limitations of our products. Although this is not a part of our "Disclosures and Details" page, you can view our company's privacy policy here.

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